The United Way

21 October 2013 Leave a comment
When Adam Lallana somehow scrambled the equaliser into the goal yesterday in the 89th minute, it brought back memories of what Manchester United have been in the past many years. Albeit on most of those occasions, it was Manchester United that did the late scoring to level or win matches. Read more…
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Understanding Cyclones

13 October 2013 Leave a comment
Today I had a lengthy discussion with one of my engineering batchmates about how deforestation has increased the impact Cyclone Phailin would have on Odisha and other part of India on the eastern coast. It made me realise just how we never cared to understand and/or remember the Geography lessons imparted to us in probably class 5 or 6 (about pressure areas and the Coriolis Effect) and nor do we take the effort to research and understand the circumstances instead adopting propaganda driven opinions from media and social vehicles like FB and Twitter. It also gave me the idea for this blog post where I will try to put together at kind of Cyclone 101 for people to understand. Please note I am NOT a meteorologist or even a weather expert. I am just an ordinary guy who cares to form his own opinions rather than blindly adopt somebody else’s. I encourage you all to read and research more and definitely comment on the post and correct me if I am factually wrong in any way.

So, to understand the impact of cyclones, we first need to understand how and why cyclones form.
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iOS 7 Beta 1 Test Drive

12 June 2013 6 comments

Hello! Hello! Back after a long time to the blog. The idea for this post was proposed by a friend who knows my penchant for testing dev and beta builds of practically any software I can lay hands on. So that combined with the excitement around iOS 7, Apple’s newest iteration of its mobile OS that runs on iPods, iPhones and iPads resulted in this blog post.

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30 December 2012 15 comments

Over the past fortnight, the nation has been embroiled in a gripping sequence of events centered around the horrific gang rape and physical assault of a young woman in Delhi. The girl was brought to the hospital in a very bad physical condition and after multiple surgeries, removal of her intestines and treatment from one of the best medical transplant facilities in the world she finally succumbed to her grievous injuries in Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital last night. Read more…

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Manchester is Red

10 December 2012 14 comments

What a match! It lived up to the hype and pressure of being a Manchester derby, no less the match up of currently the top two teams in the English Premier League. Super Sunday did in fact turn into one for the red half of Manchester as RvP lifted a free kick in the third minute of injury time into the top right corner of Joe Hart’s goal to secure a nervy but deserved win for Manchester United. The match had a lot of points for discussion so I attempt to provide a few of them here. Read more…

Smartphone Wars

17 September 2012 6 comments

Apple, last week, set the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons when it released the iPhone 5. Apple fanboys, affectionately called Mactards, waxed lyrical of the “new” iPhone Read more…

EPL 2012-13 Season Preview – Part II

13 August 2012 3 comments

As promised in Part I of this post, here we go with the bottom half of the table

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