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Master of Puppets

25 February 2010 6 comments

I will occupy
I will help you die
I will run through you
Now I rule you too
Come crawling faster
Obey your master

These words from Metallica’s legendary single “Master of Puppets” kept popping in my mind yesterday.

The reason – Langeveldt to Tendulkar, bowled short of length and moving away from the batsman. At the last moment SRT gets his bat in to steer the ball behind point for THE single. As Gwalior erupted in joy, the little master made another milestone his own. He had done what no man had ever done in the 40 year history of the limited overs game Read more…


‘I’ of the Tiger

24 February 2010 5 comments

As Archies, Hallmark and co line up to drive business with the Year of the Tiger, it is ironic to see the posters being put up everywhere by Aircel’s Save the Tiger campaign. 1411 tigers, they proclaim. A visit to the website provides us with ways to contribute – blog, status message, social networking sites and, of course, cash donations. However, in a situation where the animal has completely disappeared from a couple of the sanctuaries set up, ironically, to protect it, the question arises if we are doing enough. Or is it a case of too little, too late? Read more…

The Taming of the San Siro

17 February 2010 2 comments

So here I am back again for the follow up post to the previous one. Tell me you weren’t expecting this and I’d say you’re lying through your teeth! I mean, for crying out loud, the Reds won!!! So why wouldn’t I be back?
Read more…

Rossoneri… Here we come!

16 February 2010 2 comments

Its been more than a year and a half since my last blog post and so it is only befitting that I came back on the same note that I left at. Yes u guessed it – the Reds!
A momentous occasion awaits tonight as millions of fans across the world turn up – in stadium and in their living rooms – to cheer for their sides. Both sides champions of their national leagues come together in the first of their Last 16 cup clash. Its time for the game: Manchester United vs AC Milan at the San Siro. Read more…

Check out Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

1 February 2010 Leave a comment

Title: Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

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