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One man’s meat

30 March 2010 8 comments

Every once in a while I come across one piece or the other with people endorsing vegetarianism as a way of life. Movie stars tend to be the chief proponents of the Vegan way of life, singing paeans about the virtues of this lifestyle. I simply put this one down to personal choice. While a lot of religions prescribe consumption/non-consumption of certain or all types of meat, it primarily is a choice which an individual should be free to make. No point in someone trying to convince a “non-believer” to change his ways. Being an avid non-vegetarian fan myself I personally feel that the non-vegetarian dish is to a meal what Shah Rukh Khan is to a movie. Read more…

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The Enemy’s Backyard

30 March 2010 2 comments

Is this their moment? Beckham… into Sheringham… and Solskjær has won it!

Words uttered by Clive Tyldesley on the night of 26 May 1999 and probably etched into the memories of Manchester United fans across the world. With a few hours remaining before the Red Devils take on their German opposition in their Last 8 UEFA Champion’s League clash, most fans of both clubs would remember that eventful night as the two European giants met at Camp Nou in Barcelona for the final match of the 1999 UEFA Champions League. Trailing for the most part of the match, Sir Alex Ferguson truly proved the monicker “Golden Substitution”. Second half substitutes Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjær collaborated marvelously to shoot in two stunners in injury time and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat for the Devils. Read more…

Time to play the Game

18 March 2010 3 comments

It’s all about the game and how you play it.
It’s all about control and if you can take it.
I am the game, you don’t wanna play me.
I am control, no way you can change me.

Words sung by Motorhead and immortalised by 13 time WWE World Champion Triple H but they couldn’t have been more apt for the annual magnum opus that is currently gripping over 1 billion people in our country – IPL. The Economic Times of 16 March 2010 reckons that the BCCI could make upto Rs. 750 crores in this edition of IPL. Heck I don’t even know how many zeroes that has!

But what exactly is it that makes the IPL what it is? Read more…

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Whose majority is it anyway?

17 March 2010 4 comments

Today, while reading a blog posted by one of my friends’ mother, I was forced into thinking about the state of affairs our great nation has come to.

Our country boasts of a cultural heritage which is one of the oldest in the world. In fact it is probably the only one of its time that survives to this date in this state of glory. But this glory seems to be superficial. For, the very heritage and history that we are proud of is today maligned by cheap political theatrics to voo minority vote banks. Read more…

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