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The Fall of (a) Man

22 April 2010 12 comments

Anyone who has reached here expecting a religious discussion with reference to a certain Biblical episode in the Book of Genesis, I hate to disappoint you but you came to the wrong place. This post is about the fall of a man who did however eat the proverbial forbidden fruit.

The man who four years ago was a candidate for UN General Secretary is today disgraced and shamed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you once again: Dr. Shashi Tharoor, former UN Under-General Secretary and former Indian Minister of State for External Affairs. Read more…

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Aapli Mumbai!

14 April 2010 14 comments

For the benefit of my non-Marathi speaking brethren, let me translate the title. It means: Our Mumbai.

But what is peculiar is the word “Aapli” as opposed to the more conventional “Aamchi” in the usual phrase. “Aamchi Mumbai” is the loving phrase used by Maharashtrians in general, and Mumbaikars in particular, to refer to their beloved city, the economic capital of the country, Mumbai. Read more…

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The Nokia N97 mini Mobile device

8 April 2010 5 comments

I have owned my Nokia N97 mini for the last 4 months now having purchased it two days after it was launched. It seems appropriate now to post a review about the device for the benefit of others.

The Nokia N97 mini (referred to henceforth as N97 mini or just mini for purpose of brevity) is a stylish top of the line device from Finnish mobile phone giants, Nokia. The phone is the younger sibling of the Nokia N97 but there are very few things to set apart these two devices. Read on for more details

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King of the Jungle

6 April 2010 4 comments

Over the past couple of years, I have been reading up on animals especially wild cats a lot. An interest sparked by the Animal Planet feature “Big Cats Diary”, it has been a very informative journey as every day I come across some new piece of information that I did not know. And even after so many years I still feel I know nothing about these wonderful animals. However, while talking to one of my friends recently, I realised that a lot of people are misinformed about cats no thanks to our myths and beliefs brought down through the ages and so decided to consolidate my little knowledge into one place for the benefit of my fellow beings. And what better family member to begin with than the king of them all – the lion. Read more…

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Seven Random Things

5 April 2010 7 comments

One of my friends’ mom tagged me on this one. She blogs under the alias of Zephyr and I would recommend you visit the blog at least once. Its almost like the story of your own family being narrated to you. Anyway, to get down to the business of putting up seven random things. Please forgive the rookiness since I’m new to this. Read more…

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Les grandes equipes… The Champions!!!

4 April 2010 4 comments

As Manchester United sank to another defeat, at home, yesterday, there is a renewed level of enthusiasm among supporters of the other members of the Big4 club. Countless of my Chelsea and Liverpool supporting friends have not shied away from rubbing the twin defeats in my face. I guess that is the price one pays for vociferously supporting the Red Devils. What however interests me is the number of people who support Chelsea, and supported Bayern Munich on 30 March, only because the team(s) had the potential to beat ManU. It speaks volumes for the team’s popularity that there actually exists a section of fans who are united by the shared hatred for the club. Read more…

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