I’m an engineer and an MBA plodding his way through life trying to make a career out of it. This blog has become my lifeline as I battle my way through the mundane humdrum of corporate career and life, an outlet that allows me to be creative, vent my frustration and put forth my views without anyone else challenging it.
Any regular readers of my blog may have realised that I blog usually on either Manchester United or wildlife. I try to write as frequently and as much as I can but the writings do become a bit erratic especially in light of the nature of my job which sometimes leaves me so exhausted that it becomes impossible to do anything except sleep.
Hope to see you around regularly. It would be really nice if you could comment on any posts you read. Criticism is more than welcome as I love to know what my readers feel about the content. (Don’t, however, expect me to change my style because one of you didn’t like it 😉 )

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